Your home’s vinyl siding has a lot of important functions that go far beyond just making your house look pretty. Your siding is part of what is called your building envelope, because it is what envelopes your home and keeps the elements outside, and you comfortable on the inside.

But your siding is only part of the equation. Underneath your vinyl siding are typically two other elements of your building envelope – a vapor barrier and sheathing. The vapor barrier does just that – acts as a barrier against water vapor. While you siding keeps direct water out, the vapor barrier does the rest when it comes to vapors.

The the sheathing underneath plays a couple of important rolls. First, it acts as a solid base for your envelope, and gives you something to work with. It also keeps your home stable and the framing from twisting over time.

So underneath your home’s vinyl siding are some important elements that are important parts of your home. Be sure that if you are buying or selling a home to have a professional inspector check everything out. While we can’t “see through walls”, we can definitely help find other signs of possible issues.

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