When observing signs of wear and tear around your property, it’s unlikely that your first thought is “could a sinkhole be forming?” The fact is though, that sinkholes have the ability to create massive amounts of destruction, not only to property and infrastructure, but to human life as well. It’s wise, then, to at least become familiar with the warning signs that a sinkhole is forming close by.

Inside the home, what are some sinkhole warning signs? Windows and doors that previously functioned normally might become difficult to open and close. Cracks could begin to form in the floors and walls of the home. You could see cloudy or muddy looking well water, if you use it.

There are many warning signs that would show up on or around your property, some very obvious and some a little subtler. Among the obvious signs are rapid ground subsidence, sudden ground openings and cracks which form in circular patterns in the ground. Then there are the subtler indicators, these are water starting to accumulate in areas that have not previously had that issue, plant life might start to die of in certain places, which would be due to a sinkhole draining the plant life’s water supply. Trees or fence posts could start listing and exposing areas which are usually under the ground.

If these things are starting to happen on your property, they are all possible sinkhole warning signs. However, they could also be indicators of a different issue altogether. The best course of action is to have the property inspected to be able to determine the actual cause of the problem. In this way, you and your household can have better peace of mind.

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