Most of us don’t spend much time in these two rooms in our home. Which means we’re not likely to notice mold in the attic or basement. The combination of dark and cold environments in attics and basements makes mold highly probable.

In the attic mold can be a huge problem. If left unchecked it can spread throughout the rest of your home.

Check for mold in your attic:

  • On the roof near possible leaks
  • In your insulation
  • Near any vets in the kitchen bathroom or laundry room
  • Near your water heater or furnace
  • Around your soffit vents. These are the vents near the bottom of the roof that provide been elation to the attic

To prevent mold from growing and spreading in your attic do the following:

  1. Repair any roof leak as soon as possible.
  2. Use the proper type of insulation.
  3. Keep fits clear to allow airflow
  4. Keep your gutters clean and in good repair especially in rainy months.

In the basement, everyone knows there is usually a musty smell. You can prevent that odor if you keep the mold out.There are a lot of areas prone to mold growth in the basement because this is a moist area of the house.

Here are a few reminders of where to look in your basement:

  • Around pipes and ducting look for leaks excess moisture and condensation.
  • Near areas where the foundation may be leaking.
  • Near a sump pump.
  • Windows are vents where condensation gathers.

Use a dehumidifier in both the attic and basement to keep your moisture levels low. Paint with waterproof or mold-resistant paint. And check and repair any little pipes or foundation leaks. Making sure there is adequate ventilation and that you waterproof the exterior of your basement and fix drainage issues will keep mold at bay.

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