During open houses and home tours, the garage is often overlooked. Is this space only viewed as a big empty storage room? Why should we take a closer look at the garage? 

For many buyers, the garage is more important than you think. For many, the garage is one of the five features that matter most when buying a home. Here are a few potential issues to look for in the garage.

  1. Is there enough room for my cars in this garage? It would be horrible to find out after you purchase the home if you can park your vehicles inside the garage. Older garages may not accommodate larger vehicles. So then, making sure you measure the garage is important. And if you have other items you want to store like trailers, bikes, kayaks. Knowing the size of the garage is essential.
  2. What kind of garage door does it have. Does it open with a remote or is it manual?  Does it tilt or does it roll up? Be sure to ask about the garage dimensions. Be on the lookout for beams in the garage. These can provide additional storage for sporting equipment or other equipment.
  3. Is there an outlet or enough voltage for a large appliance in the garage? Buyers often overlook whether there is amp service in the garage. There are garage essentials that may not be able to be used if there are not enough outlets or voltage.
  4. Lighting in the garage. This too is something to consider. Do you want to know if there is only a bare bulb in the center of the garage or if there are other light fixtures that are there or can be installed? Be sure to ask about the lighting options throughout the garage.
  5. Can I turn on the HEAT in this garage? If you live in an area where the temperatures Drop a heated garage can be a key feature. There are other hobbies that many people like to work on in the garage and if your garage comes with the heat it features it makes it more comfortable.

These are just a few things that buyers need to consider. The garage makes more of an impact than most buyers think. So, don’t forget about the Garage.

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