Young children and pools go together like camping and s’mores but there are some dangers involved with having a pool in your backyard. To keep your children safe, there are devices called pool alarms, that will sound an alarm if there is a chance your child has fallen into the pool.

There are different designs to these devices, but here are 3 common versions.

Sub-surface disturbance sensors recognize where there are waves hitting the pool wall and the pressure changes. It is considered to be a more accurate warning device.

Surface wave sensors float on the surface of the water. There are 2 contacts in the device, and when a wave large enough to close the circuit between the two hits it, it will sound an alarm.

There are also wristbands that you can have your children wear that will sound an alarm when they get wet. This will however give a false alarm when washing hands or in rain.

Using these devices as an added security can give you peace of mind.

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