The mouse… a very sneaky and very stealthy rodent. You may never actually see it in front of you. However, you may face some telltale signs that they are in your living space. How do you combat these invasive creatures though?

Well, the first thing to make sure of is that your house is clean. Any type of rodent thrives in dirty environments, so making sure food is not left out to be easily accessible to mice, generally just keeping your house tidy, will help to keep rodents to a minimum.

In addition, making sure that proper traps are set out in order to either kill or entrap these pests. Using the right kind of bait will ensure that you end up successfully capturing or killing these pests. Using bait such as peanut butter, mice’s favorite snack – cheese, and sweet smelling items such as sugar, tiny pieces of fruit, etc.

Also making sure there are not potential entrances from where mice can come from outside to the inside of your home. If you do happen to find such holes, make sure they are properly sealed, so that the rodents can’t get inside again. It may seem like common sense things to do, but making sure that you set everything up the right way, you can truly have a mouse free home.

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