When it gets icy in your driveway, it can get pretty sketchy trying to walk across it when coming out early in the morning for work. So what are you going to do if you slip and fall and then you can’t work to provide for your family? Well to completely avoid that, many people use rock salt in order to protect themselves from а fall.

Rock salt can be any color from Orange to Grey, depending on the type and quality of it. People who have wood stoves however, often use the ashes from the wood and recycle them to be used for fall protection during the winter time. A number of people, during the winter time go to the hospital because of a fall on an icy ground. So by using rock salt as a barrier in between the ice in your foot, and you can prevent yourself from falling many times, but it’s important to realize that still must be careful while walking.

If you live in a town or neighborhood where your street is often walked in line, it is your legal duty to keep your side of the sidewalk clear Feist. People can legally sue you if you do not mean to me your property and they slip and fall. So not only physical, but it’s also a legal protection.

By using rock salt, you can further texting and not only yourself in your family, but also the people that live around You.

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