What is your maintenance schedule like? Do you even have one? It might seem like you have enough on your plate without adding maintenance to it, but the truth is that without maintenance, something that might be a minor problem today will grow to a major issue if neglected. If you find a schedule online that fits your home, you can spread it out over the year so that it will not be overwhelming. Some basic items that need attention are filters in your HVAC unit, smoke alarms, drains, air vents, hot water heaters, faucet aerators and shower heads. Spending just a few minutes making sure that these items are cleaned and functioning correctly will minimize the risk of experiencing a sudden failure. You will both decrease the wear and tear on your appliances, and you will also be able to spot something that might be about to fail.

It is almost always going to be cheaper to service an appliance than repairing or replacing it.

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What Every Home Buyer Should Know

Are you buying a home in Southern Maryland, Washington D.C., or Northern Virginia? Then there is some important information you should know first - from the perspective of a home inspector.

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